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Sectional or Seamless Rain Gutters: Which Should You Choose?

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Rain gutters don’t last forever – about 10 years, on average, in northern Utah – and, eventually, you must face the reality of a gutter replacement project. If that time is approaching for you, you have a few decisions to make.

You have a variety of materials to choose from – including aluminum, vinyl, steel, copper and zinc-coated galvanized – as well as a multitude of shades to match any home’s exterior color scheme.

One of the most important choices you will be asked to make is whether you want to install sectional or seamless gutters. Knowing the pros and cons of both options will help you make the right choice for protecting your home from damaging runoff.

What Are Sectional Gutters?

Sectional gutters are what you’ll end up with if you take a do-it-yourself approach, as these are the materials you can purchase yourself from the hardware store or home improvement warehouse. Some contractors also offer this option as an alternative to seamless products.

Rather than being made to fit your home’s eaves, this style comes in 10-foot sections that you must cut to fit and connect with specialty brackets. As you can imagine, rainwater runoff and snowmelt will inevitably find their way between the seams and – surprise! – you have leaks at every joint, seam and connection. Seams are also prone to catching debris, creating troublesome clogs and blockages.

Although you might pay less upfront for sectional style gutters, any cost savings will soon be erased by the water damage that can occur to your home. Wood and stucco rot, mold growth and, eventually, foundation damage can occur in the areas where water leaks through the seams or overflows due to clogging.

What Are Seamless Rain Gutters?

Seamless gutters are custom-fabricated to fit your home. Your contractor will come out and take careful measurements, to ensure a perfect fit. Because this design is made to order, you will have no seams whatsoever in your system. That means no weak spots, no leaks and no joints to attract debris and clogs.

In addition to the improved performance and reliability, you will also appreciate the seamless appearance. With no awkward joints or connectors, this design virtually disappears against your eaves, improving your home’s appearance as well as protecting it from expensive water damage.

You might invest slightly more if you choose seamless gutters (although not that much more, in most cases), but they will last longer and perform more reliably, year after year, improve the value and appearance of your home and provide a better level of protection from water damage.

Which Gutter Style Is Right for You?

Ultimately, the right gutter style for you will depend on your goals and your budget. However, both Bob Villa and Home Advisor recommend seamless aluminum as the best replacement gutter type for most homeowners.

One of the most important decisions you face is who to trust to install your new rain gutters. In Sandy and throughout northern Utah, turn to the Gutter Boys for all your gutter installation, replacement and repair needs. We also install and repair downspouts and gutter guards, and we offer affordable, professional gutter cleaning services all year long.

Don’t trust this important feature of your home to just anyone. Call us today to request a cost estimate for your rain gutter installation or replacement.