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Rain Gutter Repair

For expert rain gutter repair and maintenance in Sandy, Utah, call on the expert team at Gutter Boys.

Broken gutters and downspouts can lead to flooding and water damage that threaten the value and structural integrity of your home. Keeping your rainwater draining system in good condition will ensure that runoff from rain and melting snow goes where it needs to, well away from your home and landscaping.

Keeping your system in good condition will help you avoid costly home repairs and protect the value of your investment. Our experienced team provides quality workmanship, great customer service and the lowest possible pricing.

The Importance of Gutter Repair

Clogged gutters might not sound like a catastrophic problem but consider how much damage can result if rain and melting snow have nowhere to go.

When water can’t drain properly, it can pond on the roof. This can quickly lead to damage of your roofing materials and underlayment. Eventually, moisture will make its way through the underlayment and roof deck, potentially causing leaks in your home and damage to the roof structure. During the colder months, ponding leads to the formation of ice dams, when can also cause significant damage.

Water damage to your home’s siding and fascia can lead to further degradation of your gutters and downspouts, which can pull away from eaves. At the foundation, water damage can cause cracking, settling and structural problems.


Choose the Professionals

Trust Us For Rain Gutter Repair

Our experienced team can inspect your system to identify any existing or potential problems. We make recommendations for getting your rainwater drainage system back to peak efficiency.

One of the most common signs that you need gutter repair is the development of rust or corrosion. You might notice the system pulling away from the house or experience frequent clogging. If you develop unexpected roof leaks, this can also be a sign that you need gutter repair or maintenance, rather than an expensive roof replacement.

When we come to your home to perform repairs, we take care of your project as though we were working on our own home. We complete the work quickly and efficiently, clean up after ourselves and leave your property looking as good or better than it did when we arrived.

Avoid Gutter Repair with Preventive Maintenance & Cleaning

For your gutter system to remain in good shape year after year, it requires periodic cleaning and maintenance. In fact, you should have your gutters cleaned twice a year, thanks to the harsh and unpredictable weather in northern Utah. This is especially important if you have trees or other vegetation on your property.

The Gutter Boys team also offers a full range of cleaning and maintenance services. This ensures the job gets done right without putting your safety at risk by climbing a ladder or messing around on the rooftop.

Contact us today to schedule your Sandy, Utah, rain gutter repair consultation or to request a price quote.