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Rain Gutter Guards

The experts at Gutter Boys offer installation, repair and maintenance of rain gutter guards in Sandy, Utah.

Gutter guards are designed to prevent debris from clogging your gutters. This ensures your rainwater drainage system remains clear, so that it can transport runoff from rain and melting snow well away from your home. Guard systems also minimize the amount of cleaning and maintenance you need and make gutter cleaning a breeze.

As effective as gutter guards are for protecting your home, it is important that the system you select is designed and installed properly, using the appropriate materials for your unique needs.

Why You Need Rain Gutter Guards in Northern Utah

If you have ever cleaned out your gutters, you know how quickly they can become clogged with leaves, twigs and other debris. The longer debris accumulates, the bigger this problem becomes.

Over time, debris rots and forms blockages. Gutters, no longer able to transport runoff to the downspouts, begin to overflow. When downspouts become clogged, this problem becomes significantly worse. The excess weight can cause your gutters to break away from the eaves.

As a result, you can experience flooding in and around your home. Your landscaping can become damaged and soil erosion can also become a pressing problem. Ultimately, your foundation can crack and settle, leading to structural issues that threaten the stability of your home. During the winter, debris can lead to the formation of ice dams. Ice dams can potentially cause substantial roof and structural damage.

Rain Gutter Cleaning

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Although installing guards can prevent these potentially severe – and expensive – problems, it is important to have a system that is designed for your home’s unique needs.

DIY solutions are often ineffective for screening out smaller debris. In other cases, selecting the wrong screens or foam guards can prevent the system from effectively handling a heavy rain or snow melt.

Professionally installed rain gutter guards are custom designed to fit your existing needs as well as your rainwater drainage system. Ask us about our unique guards and screen solutions that will keep your system clog-free for years or decades to come.

Rain Gutter Guard Repair & Maintenance

The best way to protect your home and property is to prevent flooding and water damage – that’s why we have gutter systems installed, after all. Keeping your gutters, downspouts and guards in good shape is one of the most cost-effective steps you can take to avoid costly flooding and damage from water runoff.

Our team offers a full range of maintenance and repair services. We inspect your system to identify any potential problems and recommend affordable, proactive repairs that will keep your system in great shape all year long.

Contact Gutter Boys today to learn more, or to request a personalized cost estimate for installing rain gutter guards in Sandy, Utah, or any of the surrounding communities.