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5 Possible Reasons Your Gutters Are Clogged — AGAIN

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If you’re experiencing ongoing problems with gutter clogs, it might be time to look a little more deeply into the problem.

It’s not uncommon to experience clogging but, when the problem becomes recurring, you risk costly water damage to your home and your property. This could lead to flooding, soil erosion, structural damage and a variety of other costly problems.

So why do rain gutters clog repeatedly?

No. 1: Your System Was Improperly Designed or Installed

If your system was not designed appropriately for your roof pitch and the orientation of your home, it may simply be too small to handle rainwater and runoff from melting snow or ice. Or, if the original contractor failed to use the right materials and installation techniques, runoff might not be directed appropriately. Any of these factors can lead to clogs and other potentially costly problems.

No. 2: You Need Gutter Guards

If you experience recurring clogs due to leaves, twigs, pine needles, etc., you may need to install gutter guards to help keep this type of debris out of the system. When installed by a professional, gutter guards will allow the water in while keeping the majority of debris out, helping avoid clogs and resulting water damage.

No. 3: Your Gutter System Needs Repair

Older gutter systems can develop problems such as rust and corrosion. They can also separate, pull away from the roof and develop recurring clogs. In most cases, older systems can be repaired to overcome these problems.

No. 4: You Need Rain Gutter Replacement

Although gutter repair and maintenance can handle most cases of recurring clogs, sometimes it may simply be time to replace your old gutters and downspouts. The good news is that a new gutter system is surprisingly affordable, especially as compared to other home repairs that could result from water damage.

No. 5: You Need Professional Gutter Cleaning

If you’re cleaning your own gutters and downspouts – or even if you’re paying someone to do it for you – you may need an experience pro to handle this important task. Experts advising having your rainwater drainage system cleaned twice a year, especially if you have a lot of trees or dense foliage on or near your home. It’s also important to check and clean your drainage system after a big storm, to ensure you don’t have a problem brewing.

Call a Gutter Maintenance & Repair Expert for Help

Whatever problems you may be having with your gutters, trust an expert to identify the issue and recommend the best possible solution.

Gutter Boys, based in Sandy, Utah, provides expert installation, repair and maintenance of rain gutter systems throughout northern Utah. We are known for exceptional quality, customer service and pricing. We will inspect your system and recommend the most effective – and cost-effective – approach for taking care of your issues.

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