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Ice Dam Removal

At Gutter Boys, we take pride in our advanced ice dam removal services catering to homes and businesses across the Salt Lake area. Utilizing a proven and safe steam method, our skilled professionals ensure the efficient and thorough removal of ice dams. Safeguard your property from winter’s grasp with Gutter Boys’ reliable solutions, providing peace of mind and protection against potential damages.


Steam is the optimal choice for ice dam removal due to its gentle yet effective approach. Unlike traditional methods, steam doesn’t involve harsh tools or chemicals that can damage roofs or gutters. The controlled application of steam melts ice without causing structural harm, ensuring a thorough and safe removal process. Its precision allows for targeted melting, preventing water seepage and minimizing the risk of further damage to the property. Additionally, steam is environmentally friendly, making it a responsible and efficient solution for tackling ice dams.

Choose Gutter Boys for unparalleled expertise in ice dam removal. Our skilled professionals are equipped with cutting-edge steam methods, ensuring a safe and efficient solution to safeguard your property from winter hazards. We prioritize precision, using technology that minimizes the risk of damage to roofs and gutters. With a proven track record in the Salt Lake area, Gutter Boys is committed to delivering reliable services tailored to your specific needs. Trust us for prompt, thorough, and environmentally friendly ice dam removal, providing peace of mind and preserving the integrity of your home or business.



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Need Our Help With Repairs After Ice Dams?

At Gutter Boys, our commitment extends beyond ice dam removal – we’re your comprehensive solution for safeguarding your property. Should ice dams damage your rain gutters, our skilled team excels in efficient repairs or replacements, ensuring your drainage system functions optimally. Moreover, we offer proactive measures like heat cables and other preventive solutions to curb future ice dam issues. Count on Gutter Boys to not only address immediate concerns but to provide long-term solutions, protecting your home or business from the impacts of winter weather. Your peace of mind is our priority.